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December 21st, 2014

2014 Course Route Update: Due to the construction delays of the Cross Kirkland Corridor that now state a January 2015 trail opening (rather than the fall 2014 opening that had been planned), the City of Kirkland recently notified us that we will not be able to use the CKC trail for this year's 2014 event. With the support from the City of Kirkland, we have submitted and been approved to use the routes as shown below. We apologize for the change but are also excited about this new temporary route.
12Ks of Christmas Map


Both the 12K run/walk and the 5K run/walk start at Heritage Park in Downtown Kirkland. The 12K route follows the red line in a clockwise direction with the 5K route following the blue dotted line. The 12K route will have two water stations.


Please see the City of Kirkland's parking map that shows the recommendations on where to park.



Elevation Comparisons:
New Location